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The highest standard of service, quality, and expertise in pediatric dentistry for your child from infancy through adolescence.  

Dr. Manav Malik ("Dr. M&M") is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry.  He has completed an additional 2-3 years of specialty training, beyond traditional dental school education, in pediatric dentistry to best meet your child's oral health care needs.  Dr. M&M is certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.  

SmileWorks Kids Dentistry was designed and created by Sarasota native Dr. M&M to maximize comfort and minimize anxiety for children of all ages.  Our "Nickelodeon Studio"-like office and is conveniently located between Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota at 3103 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, FL 34237. We are across the street from the Robart's Arena.

We strive to provide a fun, engaging, and educational environment in which we can offer effective, predictable, and successful treatment for your child.  Our primary goal is to create a positive experience for your child and for you.

We believe that parents are important partners in helping us to provide the best treatment for your children.  We strongly encourage you, the parent, to be involved at all stages of your child's dental treatment.  We invite you to ask questions.  The more you know, the better able you will be able to decide which treatment is best for your child.  

Our office is dedicated to improving and maintaining the oral health of infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special needs - Ages 1-18.

We strive to make dental visits fun, positive, and educational for both children and parents to ensure a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles!

Why choose a "Pediatric Dentist" for your child?

Pediatric Dentists are the "Pediatricians" of Dentistry and have an additional 2-3 years of training beyond traditional dental school. This training is essential in understanding your child's oral health needs to the highest possible standard. Infants, children, and adolescents all need different approaches in dealing with their behavior, guiding their dental growth and development, and helping them avoid future dental problems. As a specialist, the Pediatric Dentist is best qualified to meet these needs. 

Why choose a "Board Certified" Specialist?  

Not all pediatric dentists are the same.  A "Board-Certified" Pediatric Dentist has voluntarily gone through a rigorous examination process with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD). The ABPD certifies a Pediatric Dentist based on standards of excellence that lead to high quality oral health care for infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special health care needs. 

SmileWorks Kids Dentistry
Manav Malik, DMD (Dr. M&M)
Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
3103 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota, FL 34237

Certification by the ABPD provides assurance to the public that a Pediatric Dentist has successfully completed accredited training and a voluntary 2-part examination process designed to continually validate the knowledge, skills, and experience requisite to the delivery of quality patient care.  

To best serve your child's oral health needs Dr. Malik is Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.  

Informed parents are realizing the advantages of their children receiving care from Pediatric Dental Specialists with Board-Certification. Find out if your dentist is Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry at

American Academy
of Pediatric Dentistry

American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

American Dental Association

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